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LA.pm's next meeting

What: Los Angeles Perl Mongers Meeting
When: 7-9pm
Date: Wednesday April 20, 2016
Where: ZipRecruiter - 401 Wilshire, 11th floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Theme: Perl!
Refreshments: Food and BEvERages provided by host
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  1. Steven Lembark: Multiplying Ethiopians
    Abstract: Transforming a standard algorithm from perl5 to perl6.
  2. You: TBD
    Abstract: THIS COULD BE YOU!

About our speakers:

Steven Lembark is a Computer Consultant & Perl Hacker. He first tried using Perl for a database project in the early 1990's. It actually worked and he never stopped using Perl. Most of his consulting work now is using Perl for database projects, ETL, and bioinformatics.

His Perl talks are avaiable at slideshare if anyone ever needs something in a hurry. [ cpan ] [ slideshare ]

You are an awesome perler!

About your host:

See you at 7 on Wednesday the 20th!

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