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What: Los Angeles Perl Mongers Meeting
When: 7-9pm
Date: Wednesday October 7, 2015
Where: ZipRecruiter - 401 Wilshire, 11th floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Theme: Perl!
Refreshments: Food and BEvERages provided by host
RSVP: Responses always appreciated.


  1. Aran Deltac: TBD
    Abstract: Aran talking about something before he skips town.
  2. Mark Jason Dominus: Historical How and Why of Hash Tables
    Abstract: Hash tables, dictionaries, and other associative data structures are so ubiquitous in modern programming languages that we can forget that at one time they were fresh and innovative. How did we live without them? Not too well, as I will describe.
    I will explain how hashes work in general and compare the implementations in the Perl and Python programming languages. I'll also discuss the non-hash implementation of similar language features in the earlier languages Lisp (1960ish) and SNOBOL (1965ish).
  3. Andrew Grangaard: git archeology (alternate/contingency. time permitting)
    Abstract: Learn to interogate your source code and you'll expect more from your commit messages. Also: git rebase for the win

About our speakers:

Aran Deltac ran the Thousand-oaks perl mongers, contributes to CPAN and now writes code for ziprecruiter.com [ cpan ] [ github ]

Mark Jason Dominus is the author of Higher Order Perl, a perl wizard, and a frequent contributer to Math Stackexchange. We are lucky to have him as a special guest while he is visiting LA. [ cpan ] [ github ]

Andrew Grangaard runs the Los Angeles Perl Mongers and recently joined ZipRecruiter.com [ cpan ] [ github ] [ linkedin ]

About your host:

See you at 7 on Wednesday the 7th!

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