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What: Los Angeles Perl Mongers Meeting
When: 7-9pm
Date: Wednesday September 17, 2014
Where: ZipRecruiter - 1453 3rd St Promenade, Ste 390, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Theme: Perl!
Refreshments: Food and BEvERages provided by host
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  1. Chuck Hardin: Stirring the Hive With a Perl Stick
    Abstract: Hive provides a SQL-like interface to Hadoop. Perl can interoperate with Hive in a variety of ways, including Hive queries through a Thrift API and the direct incorporation of Perl into map-reduce jobs. The author has taken a few baby steps on this journey and chooses to share the results with his peers.
  2. Andrew Grangaard: Computer Science for the self-taught hacker/engineer
    Abstract: What is Computer Science and how is it different from Programming? What did I miss by jumping straight into coding? A quick tour of topics covered in introductory computer science courses discusses why those topics are considered important.
    Reprise of my yapc.na 2014 talk.
    pdf slides yapc

About our speakers:

Chuck Hardin Button-cute, rapier-keen, Texan-brown and pauper-poor is Chuck Hardin, whose awkward, burly figure is better known to the twilit half-world of five continents than to the employment agencies of Los Angeles, California. That he possesses the power to become invisible to finance companies; that his laboratory is tooled up to manufacture destructive robots he refers to as "Heavy Metal Apes" on a fantastic scale; and that he owns one of the rare mouths in which butter has never melted are legends treasured by every schoolboy.
Shackled to the mighty wheel of Nami Media, Chuck spends his few hours outside of work raising turkeys which he occasionally displays on Thousand Oaks Boulevard, and stirs little from his alembics and retorts. Those who know hint that the light burning late in his laboratory may result in a breathtaking electric bill. Queried, he shrugs with the fatalism of your true Oriental. "Mektoub," he observes curtly. "It is written." [ cpan ] [ github ]

Andrew Grangaard runs the Los Angeles Perl Mongers and serves as Chief Ninjaneer for [undisclosed startup]Lead Engineer at Demand MediaChief Ninjaneer for AirMedia.com [ cpan ] [ github ] [ linkedin ]

About your host:

See you at 7 on Wednesday the 17th!

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