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LA.pm's next meeting

What: Los Angeles Perl Mongers Meeting
When: 7-9pm
Date: Thursday June 8, 2017
Where: ZipRecruiter - 401 Wilshire, 11th floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Theme: Perl!
Refreshments: Food and BEvERages provided by host
RSVP: Responses always appreciated.


  1. fREW Schmidt: My Awesome Blog Integration
    Abstract: It's got some perl in it.
  2. David Farrell: What's New on CPAN, annual addition
    Abstract: What's new on CPAN is a monthly perltricks.com article that presents a curated list of new distributions uploaded to CPAN. This talk will be a whirlwind review of the last 12 months of new CPAN uploads - the good stuff. Come on down and find out what exciting new code is available on CPAN for your programming pleasure!
    yapc abstract
  3. Randal Schwartz: Why dart should be your next programming language
    Abstract: Lightning talk which will be presented at TPC

About our speakers:

fREW Schmidt DBIC expert and Awesome dude. [ cpan ] [ github ]

David Farrell founder and editor of PerlTricks.com. An organizer of the New York Perl Meetup, he works as a programmer for ZipRecruiter. [ cpan ]

Randal Schwartz -- Just another perl hacker [ cpan ] [ github ]

About your host:

See you at 7 on Thursday the 8th!

Venue Information

401 Wilshire. 11th floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401


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