Los Angeles Perl Jobs

The Perl job market in Los Angeles is hopping. Companies are looking to hire perl programmers of all levels. They use technologies from basic perl, to Template Toolkit, Mason, or mod_perl.

Companies Hiring Perl Programmers

If you are looking for a Perl-related job in the Los Angeles area, please feel free to contact any of the people/companies below. They may be looking for your skills.

(the following companies have provided information for this list, ordered alphabetically)

Boingo Wireless


Nulinx (COPA)



Rent.com, an eBay company

Shopzilla, Inc.

Terry L. Butz Creative, Inc.


Department of Human Genetics, School of Medicine, UCLA


Yahoo! Search Marketing

(the following local companies are known to use Perl, but have not explicitly asked to be listed)





jobs.perl.org is a site that exclusively lists Perl programming jobs.

When searching there, you may wish to try multiple locations, such as: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Burbank, Glendale.

Get listed here

If you represent a local (Los Angeles area) company that hires Perl programmers, you can be listed here. This isn't for specific job listings, but "hey, we're sometimes (or right now) looking for perl folk" listings. Please send the following information to todd.cranston-cuebas@ticketmaster.com

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