Stirring the Hive with a Perl Stick

Chuck Hardin

Table of Contents
1. Abstract
2. Brief Overview of Hadoop and Hive
3. Why Use Hadoop And Hive?
4. "SQL-Like": Benefits And Drawbacks
5. Hive Server Versus Hive Server 2
6. Sending Queries To Hive From Perl Via Thrift
7. Building HiveQL Queries: A Brief Note
8. Use Case: Replacing An Existing Reporting System
9. So How Can Hive Help?
10. How Else Can Perl Help Hive?
11. Some General Tips For Using Hive
12. Other Resources

1. Abstract

Hive provides a SQL-like interface to Hadoop. Perl can interoperate with Hive in a variety of ways, including Hive queries through a Thrift API and the direct incorporation of Perl into map-reduce jobs. The author has taken a few baby steps on this journey and chooses to share the results with his peers.