uickfix / make support

om :help make
The ":make" command executes the command given with the 'makeprg' option.
This is done by passing the command to the shell given with the 'shell'
option.  This works almost like typing

       ":!{makeprg} [arguments] {shellpipe} {errorfile}".

tings from my .vimrc:
cmd FileType perl set makeprg=perl\ $VIMRUNTIME/tools/efm_perl.pl\ -c\ %\ $*
cmd FileType perl set errorformat=%f:%l:%m
cmd FileType perl set autowrite

m comes with efm_perl.pl to parse the output of perl -c error reporting 
d convert to the format vim expects (from the Amiga days).  It is not +x, 
 I execute it via explicit perl efm_perl.pl.